Feature Request - Modify Radius Command

I’m new to Rhino, but would really love to see a modify radius command for solids. Even better would be if you could modify selected radii with the use of the Gumball. Any thoughts of whether this would be a good request or not?

Can you be more precise on how you would like this to work and on what types of “solid” objects?


I have utilized a number of parametric modeling software that allows you to go into a feature tree and very simply change a radius or chamfer value, and the model would be automatically updated with the new radius values. Because there is no feature tree in Rhino, I think possibly the best way to do this would be to somehow have an additional option on the Gumball for radius and chamfer selection and modification. One option to allow key-ins to change radius and chamfer values and the other option to allow the radius and chamfers to be arbitrarily pulled with the Gumball to alter selected radii.

The other method would be to have two new icon commands in the solid tools menu, one for modify chamfer, and one for modify radius. Each of these would allow you to change either one or all of the selected radii. Once the command is selected, a filter would be enabled to only select radii in a model and nothing else. This would allow for very easy modification and be a very huge timesaver for multiple iterations within the same model.

Hope this is clear. If not let me know. Thanks!

History or some way of modifying fillets and the like semi-parametrically is on the wishlist for V6 and beyond…