Models Rotating When Exported to Other Softwares

I use Rhino as 3rd party software for game development. I build my models on the horizontal plane, but when I export them to Unity or Blender, the models are rotated sideways. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


Check your export options. There is an option like map Rhino Z to Y, not every software has Z as up. If both software has Z as up then make sure that is off.

At first glance I thought it was a heat sink. :thinking:

I see that now, though Iā€™ve been working with FBX files and it has the same problem, with no similar settings in the export menu. Is there a way to map the Z and Y with an FBX?

Hi Aurora - this is from the Rhino 6 export dialog box:

Ok; I have Rhino 5, is there a similar option there? This is the dialogue box I see

Looks like you may have to manually rotate in that case (or maybe someone has a script)

A macro will work:

! _Select _Pause _Rotate3d w0 w1,0,0 -90 _Export _Pause _Undo


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Ok, where would I enter the command?

Hello - you can copy/paste to the command line, make an alias, add the macro to a button - any of the normal ways to use a macro.


Awesome, thanks!