Modelling a geometric/ crystal display

Hello there!

Is there a script constructing this display? this display should be longer.
I need the outlines in a pipe und the single surface in glass (as in the picture). It should be a glass display.

I see 2 pictures which are not related. So the question is not really clear.

Don’t duplicate post please.

Hello @laurent_delrieu

It is not the same post, because it is a different structure.

I tried to model this structure as a long pedestal.

I wanted to show with the second picture that this pedestal/display is made of glass and the edges with which the glass is held are made of pipes.

So it is the combination of the two pictures.

I hope someone can help me with this because I am just starting to learn parametric design.

I think it could be a good idea you read that “Help Us Help You”.

It seems she need the shelf with bold outlines same as shelf in the second picture but in shape of crystal from the first picture

Thank you. I understand, but I learn through help and scripts.


I don’t need the shelf.
I need the displays in front of the picture.
The second pictures shows the glass structure with the tips, which I would like to poject on the Display.

But thank you!

You may need to make the crystal geometry then extract


and use


on them.

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Thank you so much!

But how i make the crystal geomtry?

How is the command for “extract polyline”?

Deconstruct mesh?

highly recommend to view the Ngon plugin example file which solved your question.
You could download at
I am replying with mobile right now.

For the crystals there are a lot of methods, with Rhino or with Grasshopper

You could search for stable positions with my Nautilus plugin

the faces on the floor with bigger area begin on the left.

Thank you @saeed_hasan_zadeh and @laurent_delrieu so much!

Im online with my mobile phone, so I can’t see the grasshopper file directly.

Is it possible to stretch the polyhedra geometrie so that has more polygones and is not look like stretching?

I hope it is clear what i mean.

You can do many thinks, I think you must see some very basic tutorial. After, most of the component could be found by searching on the tabs and also using the double click in the canvas and using some keyword. Not always good catch but very useful.

Big like Guru :+1:

Thank you soo much @laurent_delrieu and @saeed_hasan_zadeh !!

I will try it later!