Parametric Column

I am now finally very near to what I want to achieve! I have been trying for it from a very long time! But now with little help from you guys I might be able to achieve the desired result!
Now there are a few errors/mistakes in the geometry.

  1. As you can see in the plan, one of the corner differs from the other three corners! The red marked corner hasn’t made any modules like the other corners.

  2. In the module the loft between the polygon and circle is a little messy or say going haywire! I want the circle to be perpendicular to the polygon! I have posted the reference module image for the same. Take a closer look at the geometry, you will be able to get what I am trying to explain. Also if there is a way to morph these modules into these frames I have kept BREP (Reference Module) at the start of the canvas.

3)If you see closer, there are void spaces between the module and the frame, I want to omit those void spaces.

Help me achieve my result folks! Hope to hear a positive response from you guys! :grinning:
Take care and Stay safe :v:

No one for the help :frowning:

It is because when you create your loft surface, this is where the surface’s seam is located

Since the geo seems biaxially symmetric, I would focus on making 1/4 of it and then mirror twice. Or you can at least isolate those panels that are causing the problem and use this method to fix them.

Could you try your hands on it please @devin_jernigan ! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t. Maybe someone else can help you