Cartoon Rocks

Hi! I am wondering if there is a way/strategy to randomly generate rocks similar to the following, BUT with the following criteria:
1 all faces are planar
2 (not necessary but great) no downward-facing faces

Many Thanks

1 ‘no downward-facing surfaces’ = no overhang surfaces
2 the loss of curved surfaces is expected (and actually welcome in a way…I can’t imagine a way to satisfy the above criteria while keeping curved surfaces…)
3 I am aware of many great ways to make rocks but, they come in mesh-based (too many polygons, no way to get sharp edges and planar faces I know of) and Voronoi/facet dome (no way I know of to have no overhang; the models are convex throughout–the rocks shown here have parts that cave in)

Noise (30.1 KB)

Need to install plugins. Ngon and Nautilus.
The logic here is about noise.
Try to adjust parameters, red ones are more important.


Why the duplicate thread ?

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It is surely easy to do that, project all points on plane XY and then make a Convex 3d hull

I used my Nautilus plugin, but whatever convex hull tool will work (just input the points)

If you still want concavity and no overhang there could be others strategy to do so, by extruding the face for example and joining this extrusion to the block.

You can also sort rock positions with a stability criteria. My tool uses the biggest flat surface as first stable position, but you could calculate an angle of stability then choose the biggest or lowest one.

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Thank you very much!

Thanks so much!