Modeling strategy

Hi friends,

I have problems figuring out the best strategy for these surfaces. The design intention is shown in this SubD-model:

I have these sharp edges coming on both sides that fades out as the illustration above. I’m now remodeling this and can’t figure out the best way forward as I always end up with too complex surfaces and brutal tangent brakes.

What I try to do is to create a blend surface (green) and then sweep (with chained edges) along the sides. But always end up with bad surfaces/brakes where the red circle is. Should I think totally different? Any ideas? It looks so easy in SubD… :slight_smile:

240522_Hoffster.3dm (302.0 KB)

Anyone having any brilliant ideas? My best attempt so far, with sweeped sides and the centre blend ends up like this:

How about using Sweep2?

240522_Hoffster_sweep2.3dm (258.7 KB)

Thanks for input!

I guess the main issues here are that I want these to be curvature (compare with the SubD screensot above)

240522_Hoffster_sweep2_curved.3dm (336.0 KB)

It’s a matter of creating the sections…

Hi @anton.hoffman
I would eliminate this kink in your curve here (red circle) in order to make a better blend between the Sweep2 and the BlendSrf.

240522_Hoffster_JN.3dm (367.2 KB)

HTH, Jakob

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Thanks Jakob! I was thinking in that direction first, but thought I might had a hard time nailing the design intention with the faded lines being more straight in the end. But based on you image here it looks like you’re not far off anyways. Would it be possible for you to save your file as a Rhino 7 for me to look closer? I haven’t updated to 8 yet!

No problem:
240522_Hoffster_JN_V7.3dm (368.0 KB)

Thanks Jakob!

(BTW, if you ever need it, there’s a small command line utility for converting Rhino files available at Convert3dm | Food4Rhino :slight_smile: )

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And, for those not comfortable with external command line utilities, there’s a stand-along file version converter with a UI.