Need modeling help, "sweep 3 rails" type surface

I am struggling with modeling surfaces that curve network, sweep, and patch/loft can not build from a curve based form. I basically need a “sweep 3” command. Anyone have some helpful ideas?

Previously I have used tween curves, match then extract isocurves to build a somewhat wire frame to build surfaces from that, but recently the forms need to be smoother, and this workflow doesn’t work to produce printable accurate builds.

If this is a bit unclear, could I send someone a sample file of the curves I’m trying to build surfaces from for some pointers?

Thanks a bunch!


Just upload your file here. The option to do so is the command line toolbar. It’s the white arrow within the black cloud icon.

Give us some images, at least.
We know that the problem is in the curves layout not in the tools :wink: