Modeling in Rhino Rendering in Blender?

Is it possible to render the model made by Rhino which is base in NURBS in Blender which is based in polygon and get the result at the level of vray or other major rendering workflows ?

FWIW in Rhino 6 you have access to the Cycles engine through the Raytraced viewport. In Rhino WIP (to-be Rhino 7) the Cycles engine also powers Rhino Render in addition to the Raytraced viewport mode.

That said, apart from the obvious OBJ or FBX export from Rhino you could also try using the import_3dm add-on for Blender.

Hi @dogcat1324tw
Although Rhino is NURBS-based, what you are seeing on your screen is actually NURBS converted to polygons - in Rhino known as the render mesh. The mathematical description of points, curves, surfaces etc. in NURBS gives you unlimited “resolution” in terms of how precise you want your on-screen representation to be, but very few render engines actually use the raw NURBS data for visualization. Usually a mesh approximation is used, and just how precise that approximation needs to be, depends on the level of detail you need. So yes, as @nathanletwory already wrote, you can easily use the NURBS data from Rhino to visualize in Blender; either by exporting or using Nathan’s 3dm-import plugin.
HTH, Jakob

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Thank you !
I’m trying a design workflow between Rhino and Blender.