Modeling Help with Texture

Hello all, semi new to this so please bare with me.
Trying to model some shapes in the attached jpg.

#1 Not sure what the best way to go about this as Im trying to “wrap” this texture around a cylinder
#2 Im pretty sure I can do using 2 polygons, loft and rotating the top polygon
#3 I have no idea where to start as I have to “wrap” this texture around a cylinder with a rounded bottom.

thanks in advance for your help

Hi David - for the first one, something like this:

Loft each pair of red curves.
On each surface, ChangeDegree to 2 in the U direction
Turn on points for the inner three surfaces and move the middle row of points down to make the scallop.
For the middle - make the straight part the same way, lofting between two lines or edges, ChangeDegree and then move the points down.
The ends are where it gets tricky - there are a couple of approaches possible but I like a loose loft here:

DupEdge the end of the trough at the top and ChangeDegree to 3.
Split that curve at its midpoint - my green and magenta curves:


The outer blue curve is part of the original input curve. Scale and move (Orient works well) copies of this curve to the control point locations of the green and magenta curves like so:

Then Loft all the blue curves with a loose style loft. Loft to a point at the end where the green and magenta curve touch.

Scalloped loft.3dm (111.2 KB)

Note the input curves are dead simple and all the same structure:


For the second one, I’d say your instinct is correct - make two polygons, lift one up and loft with History on- then rotate one of the curves. To control the scallops, judging from your image, you can ChangeDegree on the lower polygon to 2 and move every ‘middle’ control point inward - Scale2D works fine here, or Gumball.



You’re the best, thanks so much. Appreciate how much work you put in here
Can I venmo you a drink?