Problem with tube and texture

Hello All,

Can somebody help me with these tube. I have create some ellipse from the top to the bottom to make a loft of the tube like the picture. But I don’t know why the material / texture of the tube isn’t wraps like a nice round material?

Because when I export the tube to Cinema 4D the material is also crap like in Rhino. I have do everything with Directions.

Maybe I made the tube wrong?

I found the problem!

What was the issue? The texture mapping setting or maybe the texture itself or surface seam?

FWIW, I’ve done some packaging models like this too and I found starting with a deformable circle worked pretty well. ExtrudeCrv and then sub-object select the top edge to scale it via the Gumball. If you lastly use ChangeDegree you can make the vertical direction degree 3 which will produce additional surface control points for a slight inflated look. InsertKnot anywhere you want to produce a crimp.

The issue was when I loft the surface, the loft starts on the back of the tube. So I have drag the points to the left side. And rebuild it with 10 points. Now the tube is great!

Thanks for the tip! I will let u know if these also work great for me!
See below the results for now.