My Tent Model

Hi Everyone,

I posted a couple weeks ago asking for help on how to create a 3D model of a project that I’m working on and I think I maybe figuring it out. I’ve read and read and read through the tutorials and still learning so much more. I love working with Rhino! I also wanted to attach what I have done so far and ask for your opinions or if you may have any other recommendations for me. I’m not finished yet but still reading and learning.

1MT-3D-9.3dm (442.0 KB)


Hi Veronica - I had a look at your model - from a modeling point of view there are one or two things that I noticed that could be better, maybe, but since encyclopedias could be written on what I do not know about tent design, it may be that these are deliberate design decisions and my comments mean nothing. I’ll see if I can make you a file that shows what I mean - hang on a bit.

@veronica.hubbard16 - in case it helps, here is a version that is somewhat cleaned up and simplified. The main thing to watch - unless it was a deliberate thing - is that your surfaces that come nearly to a point but leave a very small edge can get to be a nuisance - if there is not a reason not to, then I’d go ahead and collapse all those small edge points to a single point. I left one side of the tent as it was for comparison…
1MT-3D-9_PG.3dm (193.4 KB)


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for taking a look at my model and your version of a cleaned up and simplified one. I’m working on trying to simplify all the small point and make all the pieces intersect with no gaps before moving on… Most of my pieces are showing surfaces or open polysurfaces, do I need to have them all as one type before adding material? I was thinking once I joined all the pieces that the whole tent would show as a closed polysurface. I’m thinking this means I have gaps somewhere. Attached is my new modified version.

New 1MT.3dm (512.2 KB)

Thanks Again,

To find the gaps:
Join the surfaces into a polysurface
ShowEdges with Naked edges as the option to display. Select the polysurface. Unjoined edges will be displayed.