Cushion WIP RH 7

Hi everyone,
Gave it a try on Rhino 7 s Subd tools. Amazing work guys. It s stable and quick to pick up
I m barely scratching the surface . I was wondering if there is a slice tool like in Modo that cuts through the model like a sort of virtual knife and you can define any directions quickly. If not perhaps it could be considered in the future. It s very fast to add edges that way.
Also , i realize i m still a newbie at it but once we creased the edge, can we play with the weight of that crease ?
Thanks here s my work in progress for an aircraft seat cushion i m playing with. I love the tool ,thank you for all the hard work you guys put in.


no weights on creasing yet… we are working on that… for now you’ll need to bevel and delete edges as needed.

you can use the insert point tools for adding edges where you want-

glad you are enjoying the new tools! Can’t wait to see what you make with them!!

Thanks a lot Kyle
Already working on a personal project using SubDs.

I m blown away on how good the tool is already and the new renderer as well is amazing

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Oh wow. I’d previously seen someone from McNeel say crease and vertex weighting was not going to happen because of interoperability issues. Glad to hear it’s going to happen!

working on it and happening soon are not the same thing…

If it can be done, it will get added, as its a frequently requested and necessary tool for pro subd modeling. I’m not a math guru or a programmer, so all I can do is keep squeaking to the devs-

when? that is all up to the wizards behind the curtain…



Hello Alexandre, that looks great! I have no experience with Sub-D. Can you tell me how much time did it take to model? Best regards, Chris

HI Chriss , cushions were done in a matter of hours. Usually I’d do it in Nurbs, but it s way too long compared to using Subds. Subds are great for soft surface and Nurbs are great for hard surfaces in my opinion. Also the Subds can then be converted into Nurbs, in the case of my cushions it converted them into closed polysurfaces, watertight and ready to be rapid prototyped if wished. Overall the work took me 2 days. Oh by the way, the render you see in the snapshots, it s all in real time .

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WOW!! Ammmazing work!! Very well done sir!!

V7 is going to be such an awesome release…
if you skipped v6 DON’T MISS V7!!

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Well Kyle, I truly think the accolades should be geared to the Rhino employees. I know I sound like a major cheerleader but their consistency , perseverance and customer service makes the difference.


Hello Alexandre, that is also my goal to build some things faster. If the data with Sub-D is also of good quality, I will now familiarize myself with the subject. Thank you for your answer and have a nice weekend … Chriss

thank you Chriss , we live in a world where everything needs to be done yesterday. It s not a time machine yet but It does speed up the workflow.

Have a good one

I’m going to have you handle all correspondence with @gustojunk from now on…

( I keeeed I’m a Keeeder) :wink: