Model developing errors

Hi! In the last few models that I have been working on, there is some kind of error popping up when I render the model. I am not able to resolve this issue. These errors also pop up when I switch the model to Artistic or Pen mode as well. Is it a problem with the model or the render engine? How to resolve this?

Are you using “geographic” coordinates with the origin very far from the model?

Thank you very much for the reply. How do I know if I am doing that? It might be possible that the origin is very far from the model, since the topographic map that I use to generate the site surfaces are directly imported from AutoCAD. In case the AutoCAD drawing has the object sitting very far away from origin, I suppose the same would happen in the Rhino Model too. How to check and resolve this?

Voila! You solved my problem. I just moved the model to the origin and the problem seems to have got resolved. Thank you very much David for solving a rather vexing problem that I have been grappling with and losing lots of sleep over.

Thanks again!

PS: If you come to India, I would love to host you for an evening!