Graphic bug

Helly everyone.

Does anyone knows how to Solve it? :slight_smile:
It happens on super easy file. (See video attached) on Rhino 7.

Kind regards.


Hi Vincent -

It would be a lot more useful if you posted that super easy file.
Failing that, is the geometry far away from the world origin?
Also, please post the Rhino SystemInfo data.

Thank You for your Answer!
Was enough to solve the situation. :slight_smile:
All the geometry was very very far from the origin.


I also have this problem in Rhino 8 when the camera is within a volume, e.g. a point cloud, but I can’t say if it has something to do with the fact that my models are geolocated.

if they are a long way from the rhino origin, that can cause display issues.

The problem occurs when I am 3000000m or even just 2000m away from the origin and 2000m is not really far away. It would be great if Rhino had a calculation point that the user could move, similar to Origin but for calculating the graphics, then you could work with geolocated models without any problems, which is another plus point for Rhino. (a unique selling point that other CAD programs don’t have)

Depends, if model unit is millimeter then 2000m is still a lot.

Anyway, take a moment to go through this wiki page: Objects Too Far From the World Origin [McNeel Wiki]

My Models are always in Meter. I will check out the link, thanks.