Missing V4 functionality in V5 material properties panel


In Rhino 4 when an object’s material was assigned By Layer, we could still see what was the material:

Quite handy.

In V5, this panel looks like this:

Not useful.

To know what is the object’s material, we need to click on the properties icon to see what is the layer the object is on, and then check on the layer panel what is the material assigned to this layer.

Also, when assigning a material we get this window:

I always click on the tiny box at the bottom because I use a rendering plug-in.
Rhino should respect that and when the current renderer is not Rhino’s default, it should tick that option box by default. Rhino 4 implementation was better; I could still use the “basic” material but only if I explicitly chose so.


Rhino 4 used a basic material by default for plug-in materials. You had to explicitly change the radio button in that version, so there’s no question of Rhino 5 not “respecting your choice”.

I understand that the “Plug-in” checkbox is more difficult to find in V5. However, there’s a reason for this. We are trying to wean plug-in developers off the old “plug-in” system and into better integration with the new V5 way of doing things.

Your comment about the layer setting for objects /properties dialog is well taken. I will add it to the list of things to fix.

  • Andy

This issue is RH-22719

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Hi Andy,
I understand that you’re pulling the blanket your side but there must be better ways than forcing users into clicking meaningless buttons.
If a render plug-in is selected in the default renderer options, it’s materials should be shown when I want to assign one. Weaning plug-in developer by annoying your users makes Rhino look bad.