Script for plug in material to rhino material

Hi all
I’m trying to write a script to convert files with V-ray or Octane materials to Rhino Render materials before exporting to real time renders.

Basically, I’m trying to script unchecking the ‘Plug-in’ check box in the material properties.

I’ve dug through the RDK documentation but haven’t come up with the answer.
Does anyone know if there is a way to automate this in python?


Hi @David_Moreau,

due to not having a PlugIn i cannot test this, but i found an old macro in a button which i created to set a VRay material back to a Rhino material:

! _Select _Pause _-Properties _Material _Object “Rhinoceros” _EnterEnd

I am not sure if this will retain material properties like color etc. so handle with care!

Edit: There is a RhinoCommon way of setting above using Material.RenderPlugInId. In case you’ll need the PlugInId of the Rhino Renderer in V6 it is:



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Thanks you so much!

This gets me on the right path.