Minmal/tensile structure help

Hey i’m attempting to model a minimal surface referenced from the photo of the physical model but am struggling with the strategy to model something similar in rhino/grasshopper. I’ve been using a minimal surface plugin with grasshopper and the plan was to make parts of the model and try to blend the surfaces together but i don’t really know the best method to achieve this as the plugin creates holes within the surface itself. Is there another plugin to use to better model this or should i stick with this one (the minimal surface plugin by cerver). The other plugins seem physics based and quite complicated so not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated.


Upload your file, the plugin works normally

For outlining (phase: concept) tensile membranes ALWAYS use a physics engine (like Kangaroo). For doing the thing in real life ALWAYS use other apps than R/GH.

Other than that: tons of tensile stuff (concept) in the good old (dead) GH Forum:

PS: I have also tons of membrane defs … but are carried over solely via C# (including K2 matters) meaning that are not suitable for this particular thread. But this ancient / prehistoric thingy is using (in v4 … mostly) native stuff: