Drawing Tensile Fabric in Rhino

I am in charge of creating a concept model for a tensile fabric structure. doc00016720150202170323.pdf (282.1 KB)

How would you draw this shape in rhinoceros? I have tried to do a patch surface, but I’m getting a funny surface between my peaks. any advice would be great. thanks, Limbatus

UCICLP_2015-02-02_Canopy Massing_v02.pdf (216.4 KB)

I believe that the Kangaroo add-on for Grasshopper is going to help you there, it supports finding minimum surfaces (e.g. tensile fabrics).

would a definition like that be easy to set up? I’m wondering if its worth it to move into GH for just a concept. Any way to make this with just lofts and patches? I’ve seen something called rhino membrane available also. anybody have experience with this software?

To be honest, I have no idea. I have heard and seen great things about Kangaroo but am not a first-hand user.

Maybe have a look at the RhinoVault plugin, it might help.