Membrane Grasshopper Model

Hello everybody,

I hope you can help me. i’m sitting on an exercise for grasshopper and just have no idea how to start because we never discussed anything like this in class. We should recreate the following project: the project Does anyone have an idea how I can do this? I can’t find any tutorial for such an structure… (21.6 KB)

Hi @soxis
You almost had it working - here’s your file with just a couple of small changes: (25.6 KB)
Another improvement I could suggest to make it more closely model that project would be to add some ridge and boundary cables by extracting certain mesh edges and setting them as Length goals with a higher strength than the rest of the mesh.
See this example for something similar:


Thank you very much daniel for your help!

That helped me a lot, your comments in the tree were also very helpful. - The link you sent me is now the final cut, unfortunately I can’t see where exactly I can use it, because it starts from a mash. I probably have to insert it on the lines that I created between the points at the beginning. But it doesn’t work… Maybe you could help me again? (20.6 KB)


I found a tutorial from you at Vimeo, so I was able to adjust the ridges and throat ropes quite well. Unfortunately, the throat rope does not come up as far as I would like it to be.

In addition, when I change the length of the construction on the front regulator, the membrane is stretched a lot more over the ropes, it should actually relax and assume the most tense position when extended.

And another very banal problem at the end, how can I permanently display the pipes and the initial geometry without points and lines? Cause it shows me always the surface/mesh with lines and points…

Hope you can help me again. (28.3 KB)