Tensile structure

How do u suggest to model such tensile structure that is confined between membranes like the first picture or that is stretched to pints like a spider web like the second picture in grasshopper ?
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Hi @baraa96marie

This is something you could simulate with Kangaroo.
You’ll need to create meshes then apply the ‘EdgeLengths’ goal, with some ‘Anchor’ goals to fix points, and perhaps some ‘Coincident’ goals if you want to pull some parts of the mesh together.
There are some examples here,
and many more if you search this forum

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Thanks this helped alot aslo i followed this tutorial but i need to make the mesh that he started with in 3d i dont want to start from planner mesh surface and it has some modificatio0ns on as it is not planner for examle … this starting face mesh should be like this surface that is formed by the membranes in this pic so is thier any possibility to do so?