Minimal Surface

Hi there,
i am trying to build a minimal surface, like a membrane that fits through the three round holes ant the framing curve (base). i have tried a lot of commands (patch, loft, etc.) but i was not satisfied with the result.

Then i added the short curves from the hole to the framing curve and tried the surface > curve network command and the result is better, but there are this two edges that are going from the hole to the round edges of the framing curve (you can see the isocurves). Ireally want to create a soft membrane without edges in the surface. and it would be nice to solve this problem without the short curves, just using the three holes and the framing curve as reference. perhaps someone has a clue. Thanx for help!

Hello - please post a model with what you have so far.


Hello Pascal,
here is the model. New Version, I divided the surface in 4 parts and patched the 4 surfaces. them joined them into a polysurface. Still not really happy with the result. I would rather like to have one single surface. Dont know if its possible.
Thanx!BERGHAIN_Einzeln_160818.3dm (14.4 MB)

Hello - is this about what you are looking for? It is not a minimal surface…
BERGHAIN_Einzeln_160818_PG.3dm (388.7 KB)
@zoo-side - V5 now.


Hi Pascal,
the Image looks great, but i cannot open the file because we use rhino 5 in our university. Could you send it again so i can open it. Would be nice.
And: what you mean with it`s not a minimal surface? How did you build it? Want to learn : -)
Thanx a lot for your efforts…

Forgot to say: when i try to open your file, i get the message that you created the file by using a newer version of Rhino (propably rhino6??)

Swapped out a V5 file above…

Well, there is no attempt to minimize the surface area - it just looks clean and smooth.


actually this isn’t a problem regarding Rhino…

if you don‘t know how to deal with the berghain, well then just keep your hands off :point_up::wink:

Hi Pascal,
thanx a lot. Fits really great! :ok_hand:

Hey Major Tom: you seem to be a lucky boy who was born with infinite rhino skills :pray:! a real pro! Well… i guess you should rather share your magic skills instead of telling people what they have to do or how to act. What goes around, comes around! KARMA my man! :point_up::wink:

i hope you have read my last post before I have deleted it… since this is your first thread…

No, I didn`t!

… well

You should work as a private investigator! :male_detective:

All the best for you!

I know :slight_smile:

thanks man, you too :+1:

A really nice, simple surface you have made!
Can you reveal how you made these smooth transitions?