Need a hand creating this surface

ok I have a something here that I thought would be real easy but after I made my curves and tried a couple things I am left looking at the screen scratching my head. it seems so simple but I’m coming up with nothing. I am attaching a file. these are the curves for a simple plate the holds two automotive gauges. the circles are set at a certain angle and need to remain flat but from the circle edges I need to create a surface down to the edge of the rectangle. basically as if the rectangle surface was like a sheet of rubber and I am stretching two discs upward from the bottom of it. if someone could pull this off and then show me the steps you took it would be great…thanks in advance.

gauge panel.3dm (33.3 KB)

Hi Jim - leave out the screw holes, select the other curves and Patch with say 30 by 30 spans. Then, if needed, Trim the result with the curves.


PATCH! that was the only one i didnt try lol. thanks a million. i figured loft would do it easy enough but that went in order and made one circle surface go to the other circle then down to the square. network srf failed and even turning them into surfaces and blending the two. nothing was working. i find it difficult sometimes to figure out the best way to actually create a surface since there are so many choices. finding the right tool for the job can be tricky. again, thanks pascal.

Is there a way to perform that operation such that the outer perimeter is locked and the surface is constructed from that plane upwards?

Didn’t turn out how I’d imagined, but might give you some alternative ideas.

Split rectangle at centreline and closecrv each half.
Loft from each circle to corresponding half.
Trim out the middle.
Blendcrv between the loft seams.
Networksrf all the bits together.

ncik, sorry for not replying sooner. thanks for the alternate method. i actually already had it done using pascal’s method by the time you posted but its good to see another person’s take on it.