Surface from 3 edge curves + isocurves

I have a corner of 3 surfaces. I’d like to fill the hole as accurate as possible. Which tool should I use?

surface.3dm (38.2 KB)

Surface from network does not work,
Surface from 4 edges, not so accurate,
Patch, not so accurate, -> naked edges,
Sweep 2 rails, it does not fill the whole area,

Any ideas? Thank you already :slight_smile:

Post the three adjacent surfaces.

// Rolf

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Hi Rolf!

Please check attachment file :slight_smile:
Surfaces.3dm (158.1 KB)

I love Rhino usually, because there is many options to do things… Generally I want to know what is the best way…

This is from parametric model and not modelled by me. But I have to modify it to suit us better…
This is what I face every day…

Well your file already has a surface in it, of a sort, it’s just got a bad trim or something, so if you UnTrimAll on it, there it is.

Hi Jim!

Thank you for your succestion!
I did not understood to try untrim before you told to me to do that :slight_smile:

Case is / and is not actually this model. There is also models, corners missing when importing…
Or if you use Rhino fillet, it will not usually make corners like that well…
I love Rhino because there are usually many has ways to make things.
The question is more general. How to model that kind of surface…
Problem is also that edges are cut, so there is/might be broken edges…
Usually I try to use patch but then I have to remodel all the surrounding surfaces again because of naked edges…

Just trying to learn something new after 15years of using Rhino…

Thank you for everybody using own time to answer :slight_smile:

I learn a lot from other users here on the forum giving very good advice based on decades of modelling. This series for example:

// Rolf


Use EdgeSrf to create an initial surface.

Use Patch and use the surface created in the previous step as the starting surface. Have “Preserve edges” checked.

Because the hole has three edges there are three possibilities for creating the initial surface using EdgeSrf (order of selecting edges). Experiment with those possibilitiles.

If the initial surface needs more points use InsertKnot.

Using the starting surface created using the edge curves with Preserve edges selected should ensure no naked edges.

Thank you everybody, learned new things :slight_smile: