Rebuilding a polysurface

i have a surface i made from sweep two rails, i tried curve network but i didnt get a good result near to the end of the curve but a little bump, how can i go about thissurface and curves.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Mitviz - I think you could to worse than just Loft of all the curves with Rebuild set at 10 points - then trim the roundy corners - does that look at all like what you need?

surface and curves_PG.3dm (1.1 MB)


This can work but i need it to extend down to the ends of the lines, am trying it myself and cant get the loft to work

Here is another try - same idea.
surface and curves_PG2.3dm (119.0 KB)

Hi guys i cannot get surface 1 to neatly cut out of the polysurface. Can anyone help with this?surface blend.3dm (858.6 KB)

Hi Mitviz- DupBorder on the two surfaces, and then use the resulting curves to trim the larger object, then Join.

Any luck with that?


i think i tried that already with no luck

Here’s my try - surface blend_PG.3dm (870.4 KB)


Perfect Pascal but wasnt there a smoother surface in the file?

actually no, here is the right file, take a shot at thatsurface to combine.3dm (229.6 KB)

Here’s one idea- you have a sort of combination of tangent, or near tangent, and intersecting surfaces there, so cutting back and making a separate transition surface might be one way to go.

surface to combine_PG.3dm (384.3 KB)


Perfect idea Pascal! you are a genius!