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I’m working on trying to get a tent put together in 3D. I have the basic curves worked out but I need to add the surfaces. I’m new at this so I’m trying to learn all I can. I wanted to ask and see if anyone could give me some suggestions on what I have so far and how I would move forward.

1MT-2D.3dm (118.6 KB)

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One of the first steps is to decide how the surfaces will be arranged. NURBS surfaces which Rhino uses all have 4 sides though 1, 2 or 3 sided can be zero length. (3 zero length sides is not recommended.) It is possible to have a trimmed surface which has other than 4 sides but it can be difficult to create a surface which will be trimmed to exactly match a curve. Curves used to create an individual surface should be smooth.

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I’m going to read more through the tutorials. I put the tent together using the patch tool which shows the objects as being a trimmed surface. Doesn’t look exactly what I’m looking for so I’m going to read more of the tutorials and work on the tent as I move along through them.

You will probably see more of me on the forum here asking questions. I apologize ahead of time, lol… I want to learn all I can about Rhino since I will be using this software for work. It will be a have to situation but in a good way. I love working with modeling. It’s new for me but I enjoy it.

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This should help with getting your head around how NURBS curves and surfaces work:

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hey, this is damn good!