Middle Mouse menu = Icons Only?

I’m using at work a lot the MiddleMouse menu from Rhino Windows. At home I have Rhino only on my Mac and it is quite annoying that I can’t have an icons only menu like into the windows counterpart, which it makes me to lose a lot of time searching for the right command I need to use. I will be glad to see an icons only compact MM menu also in RhinoMAC.

if you put this macro in the MMB preferences, you’ll get icons only:

_ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=Popup _Visible=_Toggle UnderCursor=Yes AsMenu=No Enter

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to get it to look like that, go Rhino Preferences-> Mouse-> Mouse…
click the button ‘Run this Macro’… type or paste the macro above into the text field.

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Thank you for your reply. Indeed this way it is working. Just made a quick test.


Do you know if it is possible to import this popup menu created in RhinoWindows? Or I need to recreate all the commands from scratch with pen/paper, copying all the commands that I created in RhinoWindows?

hmm… i don’t think so.
maybe one day but for now, i’m pretty sure you’ll have to manually sync the menu.