Messy FBX import

Hi McNeel
I’ve been seeing this quite a lot, but here’s finally an example I can share. When importing FBX files I often see parts that are weirdly offset from the actual model or in other ways jumbled. Shown here is the same FBX file imported in Rhino (bottom) and imported in Keyshot and then exported to Rhino via OBJ (top) - even though it’s a crappy lo-res model, the top one didn’t drop its sideboards and total the rims like the Rhino import. Is this something that can be tuned up?

BMWI-White-fbx.FBX (10.6 MB)
Thanks in advance, Jakob

Edit: I realize that FBX isn’t always the best interchange format and try my best to avoid it, but sometimes that’s just not possible. In his case, it’s clear that some objects are out of place, but sometimes it’s much harder to spot where/what went wrong.

Hi Jakob - yeah, I guess Max applies transforms that are not always easy to decipher- we’ve run into this in the past, I’ll see if we can sort this one out. Thanks for the example.
RH-63060 FBX import locations incorrect


Thanks @pascal
I kinda owe you guys an apology, since I actually discovered, that Keyshot messed up the import as well - it missed the entire right side of the windows and mirror. I guess I’ll just have to try harder in avoiding FBX :laughing: