Bug in FBX import, seems to ignore transformation matrix

Hi guys, I have had some issues trying to import some large DWG’s and got some FBX files instead, but some of the objects are rotated or positioned wrong without any errors in Rhino, so there seems to be a bug in Rhino’s importer.

By reimporting to 3DS MAX they objects position them self correctly, AND if I import them in Cinema4D then they also position them self correctly. In other words those importers works as expected.

The files are proprietary, but I can send one of them directly to the developer if you can send me the email.

@wim do you know who made the FBX importer?

Hi Jorgen - if you send me a file I’ll get it to the right person.’

Also, @Holo - I see there is a non-public report for this already and that it is currently scheduled for V7 …



Ok, I can send it to you.
But IMO I think you should handle it as a V6 bug since it imports with out telling the user that objects were not properly transformed. So if possible fix the transformation, and if not at least add a warning :slight_smile: