FBX import - coordinates

Hi McNeel
I’ve been meaning to report this for years (and might have done so already) and I know that others have reported it too, but seeing that this is still an issue in V8, I thought now might be the time to remind you: There’s something very wrong with the Rhino FBX importer! Somehow coordinates (not for vertices but for objects) get jumbled. Here are screenshots of the same FBX file imported in Rhino 8 and Blender - the Blender one is right, the Rhino one is not.


Could this please be fixed, so that we don’t have to import FBX to Blender, export OBJ out to get FBX files into Rhino? :slight_smile:
And here’s the file:
Lo-res sofas.fbx (745.4 KB)

TIA, Jakob

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