Mesh Surface Application

Hey, is there any way to create a smooth NURBs surface from a mesh rather than a complex polysurface of triangulations? I’m trying to project lunchbox’s paneling on a complex mesh though the only way of doing that is converting the mesh into a polysurface, which ultimately has many many surfaces that end up making an extremely laggy rhino file.

Or if there is an alternate way of rebuilding the mesh into square panels without lunchbox that can be extruded.

Mesh file provided below (42.2 KB)

Thanks for any help.

So I was able to achieve something similar with a rhino plugin but now I face a similar issue where the surfaces are separate pieces and the panelization is still being un-uniformly distributed
Rhino model below:
Surface.3dm (11.4 MB)

Have a try Quad Remesh and SubD from Mesh in R7.

BTW, If you convert a SubD to a Nurbs, you probably can’t avoid getting complex nurbs patched poly-surface for such a complex curvy and blobby shape.