Mesh to nurbs help

(Frederic Pagace) #1

Hello I am looking for a method to convert a mesh into exploitable surface. When I go through the MeshToNurb command, it fragments the volume into several surfaces. I can only merge them in pairs. What is the method for simplifying the form and making it workable? Do we have to redraw on the surface to extract polylines ? Thank you

(David Cockey) #2

As you have found, MeshToNurb creates a separate NURBS surface for each mesh face.

There are many methods to create a NURBS model from a mesh. Which methods are appropriate depends on the geometry of the mesh. Can you upload an image of the mesh or a .3dm file with the mesh?

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Thank you for your answer, here is a screenshot. I want to rebuild the form with nurbs and I have a lot of information. Which method do you recommend?


try this


Basically you have to remodel this in NURBS just using the mesh as a reference. The question is WHY are you trying to do this? Do you really need to? What’s the end purpose? If it’s because you need to CNC it, get better CNC software that can work with meshes.

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I want to work back and forth with mesh and surfaces to edit existing files. I am just looking for a good method. The files are printed in ceramic in spiralize mode.

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Is it possible to develop a surface on the mesh to reconstruct a shape like a topology in Blender?


Mesh2Surface plugin is the best way to achieve this.

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Thank you, it’s an interesting tool but it’s out of my budget. Is it possible to perform a topology with Rhino’s tools ?


…you could do a lot under the trial period…

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It’s exclusively for windows, excluded for my Mac :frowning:


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:joy: Seriously it is not playable with rhino tools ?


It’s just not what Rhino is made for, some sort of mesh sculpting tool would probably be best for modifying this. I’ve done reverse engineering of stuff much like that, both manually and with plugins/other software, it’s not a trivial task any way you slice it.


In this case I would first untriangulate the mesh before use mesh2nurbs. MergeAllFaces generates connected plane surfaces. Then you have to look. What do you have. What do you need.