How convert multiple meshes to one surface

hello everyone.
I have a problem with how we can convert multiple meshes to one surface.
as you can see in the picture I already did it but the final surface is not that I want. its one surface but I need sth without meshes.

Hello amin, your question is not very clear. What is it about the polysurface/brep output of your definition that is troubling you? As far as I can see from your Screenshot you did pretty much what the ‘meshtonurb’ command in rhino does. Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve and what your desired output would be?

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thank you Lando for your answer.
i need a clear surface like this

not sth like this

I want to eliminate the meshes, a surface like first picture.

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I already can do the same with T-spline but my question is how can we do it in grasshopper. I want to know the scripting process.
thank u for response.

Hello Amin, please elaborate further on what you’re trying to achieve. I would look into the Patch command.


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I was looking for converting a mesh into one surface, as u can see in my post In the end Ive just turning the mesh into a polysurface (that is just a lot of surfaces joined). But is there a way we can turn it into an actual single surface with uniform UV values?

You will need some advanced scripts and deep understanding of nurbs for that. If you are not advanced in nurbs I suggest use a plugin. There is no easy way with pure gh, at least no way that works for many cases. If your mesh is simple enough then it may be easier. The second image you showed is not so difficult. The first image of the thread is more complex, depending on how important the bumpy topology is to maintain.

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The second one was just an example.
my question is about some complex u said maybe it needs more time to understand better the i need to leave it for a while.
thank u so much again.

The geometry has lots of micro details that i think is better to extract displacement map, and then just apply displacement to the Nurbs surface.

That way u can have 1 clean nurbs surface and let displacement map handle all the tiny details.

And dont forget to apply correct UV before applying displacement

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