How to create a single nurb surface from a mesh polysurface?

I’ve created a polysurface from a mesh through the mesh-to-nurb command, but now I want to create a single surface from the nurbs polysurface but don’t know how to do this? I need a single surface so that I can seamlessly plug the surface into grasshopper. Any thoughts?

Hi, can you show a picture or post what you´ve created ? Creating clean polysurfaces from arbitrary mesh data can be tricky. There is no standard rule to create a single surface from any mesh too.


depending on what you are doing, you may find RhinoResurf for Rhino commercial license @ USD $ 496 useful - available through me

Discard the surface made with MeshToNURB

Patch can be used to create a surface from a set of points or curves.

Use ExtractPt to create a set of points corresponding to the mesh vertices.

Use Patch to create a surface with the points. Read the Help section for Patch and experiment with the settings. The surface from patch will probably need to trimmed.

A starting surface may be needed to obtain a satisfactory surface with Patch. Create a single surface which is similar to the shape of the mesh. Then use this surface as the Starting Surface in Patch.

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