Mesh repair

Apart from its clunky ill-designed interface, mesh repair doesn’t highlight the issues in the model which makes manual repair impossible.
That is sad because automatic repair doesn’t work here :

Self intersecting faces are very hard to find. You could try this experimental command here:


Does that allow you to Zoom in on the highlighted objects? Might that be a good command to make public?

I assumed that if an algorithm KNOWS there are intersecting faces, it also knows which ones they are.
And how about this “face normals” thing ? Is that also hard to identify and highlight ?

The “Repair mesh” interface is by far the lousiest interface I’ve seen in a long time ; never knowing if one should press “Next” or “Repair” ; lot’s of verbosity, very little useful, visual cues.

The “TestHighlightSelfIntersectingFacePairs” command worked in the case of my mesh.

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I think MeshRepair was written for V3 as a sort of script to follow, and while the underlying methods it calls may have improved, the interface has stayed pretty much the same since then.

With the preponderance of mesh models needed these days for things like 3D printing, I also think redoing the interface would be a good improvement. Since the base mesh functions are also being worked on currently, maybe this is a good time to look at it.

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MeshRepair is even worse than the BlockManager and BlockEdit interfaces, which is saying a lot.
I would guess that they developped the block tools in a hurry to be early at the party, and did the mesh repair tool all hung over the following day.