Mesh repair


I am trying to determine which areas of mesh are bad, and it would be nice to automatically repair them. Is there any tool in SDK, that will allow me to more automatically repair a mesh? Lets assume, that I get some degenerated and/or overlapped faces. How to fix them? Or at least how to determine which ones are they?

Also how to visualize in rhino those bad elements on mesh? Is it possible?

Hi Karol,
The SDK provide tools to fix your mesh. The MeshRepair wizard in Rhino uses those as well. They are found in rhinoSdkMeshUtilities.h file.

Here are the ones you might want to look into:

fill mesh holes would be nice to have.

These functions are not currently in RhinoCommon. If they are needed, we should create youtrack issues for them and add them to the Mesh class.

It would be nice to have this in RhinoCommon actually.

Please add this to a request order if it’s not already incorporated in Rhino 6.