Cleaning up self intersecting polygons

I use Rhino’s check meshes and I use the cleanup tools quite alot. I The one thing I would dearly love to clean up, but I can’t find the command for is intersecting polys and tris. These happen a lot in the scans I’m working with.

Do you have a simple example file?

They’re really big.

Can you make one smaller by exploding and deleting polys or trimming? If we can see the exact ‘intersecting’ polygons, I might be able to offer an approach to cleaning it up now or can file a feature request.

This is a really bad mesh, but it’s the only thing I could find on my laptop that had the intersecting polys. I’ve included the check object summary in the zip. I can clean up almost everything mentioned either in Rhino or another program except the intersecting polys. I love your cleanup. I hope this get to you. I couldn’t figure out how to do an attachment in the forum.

kking problem (5.68 MB)

Yep, this comes up pretty regularly, actually and there is no good way to locate these yet, or fix them, even though we tell you about them.


That’s interesting. I thought I was sending this to BrianJ. HE’s the one who reqquested the file.

I got it too but Pascal beat me to the punch… and I agree there isn’t a great way to deal with this in Rhino’s MeshRepair. I liked your site though and see that you have dabbled in ZBrush too for the bird sculpture. You might look at using a dynamesh there possibly after running the reducemesh and quadrangulate commands in Rhino.

Unfortunately Zbrush is really good at making intersecting polys. I usually double check zb objects in rhino. That’s how I got to know the repair mesh stuff. We’ll see if that changes this weekend.

Thanks for looking at my site. Wait til I get the photoscans up.

I hope you can come up with a way to correct intersecting polys sometime.