Mesh rendered jagged

Meshes display properly in the rhino viewport, but when exported for rendering (maxwell) the surfaces become jagged. I’ve played with the mesh settings and still get no change in surface quality.

See: the shadows on the sofa

You might want to send the model to @jdhill so that he can take a look. I don’t think one can say much from just looking at that picture.

@wim thanks for the info

@jdhill , if I did want to send you the model, how would i do that?


I don’t think it is necessary to send a model – please try reducing the bump value in your material, and/or providing the engine with a finer mesh (by using File > Properties > Document Properties > Mesh, or Object Properties > Render Mesh Settings > Custom Mesh, or by applying render-time subdivision using Object Properties > Maxwell > Modification > Subdivision) for the geometry in question.

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