Surface edges

Been working on a model in both Rhino and Grasshopper and all of a sudden my surfaces have turned all bumpy and sharp cornered. The curves that make those surfaces are all smooth but for some reason the surface doesnt come out right. This happened recently and before the surfaces were alright, so can’t really tell what’s the problem… Can anyone tell me a way to fix this?
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Render meshes are jagged. Type Options, click Mesh, and change render mesh quality (shown on the left side of the screenshot). If it does not help, select jagged objects and change their render meshes in Properties panel (shown on the right side of the screenshot).

Hello - my guess is your objects are very far from the World origin - see if moving the entire scene gets things looking better.


You can also try _RefreshShade command. Sometimes it helps with objects moved very far from 0,0 point, without a need to move them closer.

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Thanks !