Mesh or iso surface from a 3D point cloud? Where do I start?

Sorry in advance for the newbie questions. I am working with large latitude,longitude,altitude point clouds and I would like to visualize them as 3D polygons, I am assuming the correct term is a mesh? They are radar returns so not just points on a surface if that makes any difference.

I am using GoogleEarth and Cesium to visualize the returns (heavy rain) but the large number of points is causing them to lag and crash. I am hoping a coarse mesh or series of iso surfaces around the features instead will reduce the load. I’m working in Windows using C#.

Google Earth sample here

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


Try MeshPatch command.

Rhino makes two kinds of surfaces: mesh and NURBS. Mesh (a.k.a. polygon mesh) is made of flat triangles or flat quadrilaterals. NURBS can be described as twisted quadrilateral. Its shape is defined by two seats of orthogonal (mutually perpendicular) curves, which are called isocurves.