Mesh from point cloud?


I’ve tried meshpatch, meshfrompoints, but neither are very good, I’ve tried a trial version of VRMesh which works well, then I saw the full version is £1700!!.. any advice on a cheaper alternative, preferably within Rhino



Grasshopper>Delaunay…? Cost 0$… but you will need to explode your point cloud or script a Grasshopper component to do so, as Grasshopper cannot reference point clouds…


(David Cockey) #3

Does the point cloud represent a surface or a volume?

Do the points and the mesh vertices need to coincide?

If the point cloud represents a surface and the mesh vertices do not need to coincide with the points, then try using Patch to generate a NURBS surface and then convert the surface to a mesh.


It’s a volume, 3 statues of people. Actually when I exploded the point cloud and then did the Meshfrompoints command I was given a mesh, I’m not that happy with the mesh but I think it’s down to the point cloud information, it can only use what it has and I don’t think it’s detailed enough for a detailed model.

Though I would also like to ask, I exported a mesh to 3DS Max to see if I could clean it up, it was really hard to manage, to do anything with, any tips on exporting this to Max?

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #5

If you don’t mind trying out new tools, you might be interested in the Point Cloud Skinner add-on for Blender. See for information on the add-on.


Or try out MeshLab.


Hi Mart,

if you can post your pointclouds or send them via pm i can try to mesh them or show how to do it using free software.