Creating a 3D surface/mesh from point cloud


I have a point cloud which I want to turn into a 3D surface/mesh. I tried the pipeline of creating a patch using a polyline and points →

The next step is the points which should define where the surface intersects:

The issue is, I get a surface which doesn’t go through all my desired points (or near enough). The output surface is very “pinched”. I guess this is a limitation of NURBS type surface generation:

In that case I want to create a surface mesh from my point cloud. Something like this (but imagine all the lines are triangulated):

I’ve tried the mesh patch function but it doesn’t work as intended. How can I create the surface I need?

Hello- if a mesh is OK as output, use MeshPatch.


try raising or lowering the stiffness along with using more spans in both directions

If I select all my points, it creates a crazy mesh (it seems its not connecting the nodes in correct order). What is the appropriate way to use this tool?
Thanks for commenting

Hi, thanks for replying. I have tried that and it doesn’t seem to help much.

Hello- pleae post an example with all the inputs.