Rhino_from 3D point cloud to 3D surfaces

Hi there,
I hope you guys are doing well.
I have a 3D point cloud for an underground mine, the mine is composed of many intersecting tunnels. to better immagine how the mine looks like, it is like rooms and pillars.

The cloud is about 10 million points. I would like to generate 3D surfaces from the point cloud. I am using Rhino 6.

your advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you so much

Hello - in Rhino this will be a challenge - I suggest looking for pointcloud-to-mesh tools rather than try to get directly to surfaces in Rhino, if that is your plan - there are several such tools out there.


Hi Pascal, I tried the _meshpatch command, but it did not work well, becasue the point cloud is composed of rooms and pillars (the pillars look like gaps in the point cloud). I have many pillars (gaps) that make the resulting mesh very rough or bad.
Do I have to delineate these gabs before I start the command, or just click at their locations and rhino can determine them.
is there a better way to get a mesh for the point cloud?

Hello- as I say, in Rhino this will be hard - if you can only use Rhino, making individual meshes from subsets of the points may be a way to start, but there are much better tools than Rhino for getting meshes from points.


Hi Pascal, I thought the “pointcloud-to-mesh” is a tool in Rhino. I misunderstood you. so what are the these tools to convert the pointcloud to mesh?

i am open to use any good tool to solve that problem.
Pointcloud-to-mesh is a software to do that job?

Hi -

No. “Pointcloud-to-mesh” is the description of a workflow, not a specific tool / product.
Popular external tools are CloudCompare, MeshLab, etc…

@Petras_Vestartas would be able to tell you more but perhaps the Grasshopper plug-in that he wrote could be used to do this inside Rhino.
Cockroach | Food4Rhino

You can use

It is Rhino plugin, we are working on Grasshopper as well.


Thanks a lot guys. That’s great. one last question, is the Cockroach tool an open source code that is free or not?
thanks again

Hi -

From that Food4Rhino page:

Cockroach is released under the MIT license. If you use Cockroach in published work, please cite also the third-party libraries we used: Open3D. The code is not yet fully open as there are still developments in progress but will be soon. Nevertheless, the code can be made available upon request. We encourage use for both research and commercial purposes, as long as proper attribution is given. Feel free to also send us an email and let us know how Cockroach has been useful to you and how it can be improved.


Free as a beer.

Please cite us, because development takes time and resources.

IBOIS2020, author = {Petras Vestartas and Andrea Settimi},
title = {{Cockroach}: {A} plug-in for point cloud post-processing and meshing in {Rhino} environment},
journal = {EPFL ENAC ICC IBOIS},
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Or at least say thanks if you are not in research :wink:

thank you so much. I really appreciate it.