Mesh from a Point cloud

Hello Community,

I am using Rhino 6 to create a Mesh from a point cloud. When i use the comand mesh from points. The mesh is made from boxes,

but i want it to be fluent. how can i fix it. Or is there a better way to create an object from a point cloud in rhino.

Thank you

Try MeshPatch perhaps… If you have a lot of points it may take awhile.

its 1.2 mio points… do you think it might work? and do you maybe know why it creates these boxes instead of a normal surface?

Possibly. Save everything first in case Rhino runs out of memory…

I don’t know how MeshFromPoints works actually… never used it.

ok thanks! ive read something about a solution with grasshoper and the delaunay function does it also work for a point cloud with million points?

I remember they basically share the same algorithm. So I’d use Rhino’s MeshPatch to avoid Grasshopper overhead (in data type processing).

The project I am working on has a terrain of 1M points. MeshPatch creates the mesh in about 3 seconds. But MeshPatch is best for seemingly-smooth surface.

When i use normal patch this happens:

And how do you use mesh patch? i dont get it cause it asks for a surface to drag the points … im confused


There’s a command called MeshPatch. Patch is for NURBS surface.

and how do you use mesh patch, cause when i selec my points it asks for holes and surfaces??

never mind just press enter… but i still get the boxes…

If you get the boxes with MeshPatch, then that’s the way your points are organized it seems…

That’s weird. :thinking: Don’t quite know why.

i mean its a normal point cloud i would say with normal points

It worked with delaunay in grasshoper

Odd - MeshPatch should use more or less the same method. Is there any way someone can download the points file to test?