Mesh curvature


(David S. Mavrov) #1

Any way to color a mesh with its mean or Gausian curvature?

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #2

Is this what you have in mind?
(best way I could think of was creating a surface from the vertices and extracting curvature values, I don’t know if there is a more ‘automatic’ way) (29.5 KB)


(David S. Mavrov) #4

This is the mesh. The Surface from points component can’t hadnle it… (14.0 KB)


Again, you didn’t supply the file with your initial post. What’s up with that bad habit @davidsmavrov ?

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #6

This is my stop!
the only way I could think was to recreate a nurbs from a clear UV set of points… The mesh you have is more complex…

I hope someone better than me will help you, I’m curious to see a solution.
good luck!

(David S. Mavrov) #7

Yes, when mesh is radial it becomes quite difficult. That’s the thing.

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #8

It’s not oly that it’s radial, It has these cuttofs that create a lot of triangles (thus messing with the UV flow) I triedquardrangulate but with little success.
But I suspect there must be another approach, (maybe metaball approximation of the mesh?)
I don’t even know if it’s a given that you must have a surface to have the curvature, there might be something equivalent for a mesh.

as I said: you need one of the ‘big boys’ for this! :slight_smile:

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #9

I think this is it!:

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #10

Yup, this is it…
I’m trying to understand the equivalence between mesh and surface methods. (23.2 KB)


Double click on component to change preview of colors. I made that pink windows form as interface as min max values can change the gradient quite a bit.

Differently than surfaces meshes is discrete representation of 2d manifold. It takes adjacent vertices to calculate curvature plus for to have correct values it takes whole geometry into consideration which is connected with solving Laplace matrix (not uniform as uniform L does not take geometey into account)

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #12

yes, but the darn thing reopens everytime you doulbe click and hides behind the window if you don’t notice it.
I ended up having 6 pink dialogues open…


:smiley: yes it was part of fun to create that annoying interface. Anyway it just color mapping plus you get output with values too.

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #14

are you the one who made it?


Yes, I made it for this project:

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #16


  1. amazing! very impressive stuff!
  2. your plugin has got on my nerves! aaaarhh!!! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

If you can calculate all these things, You should know how to make it stay on top! hahhahaha


I will take a look at that windows form.

I can also add inputs to component so that colors could be manipulate via gh only.

(David S. Mavrov) #18

Can the colors be changed manually too eventually?

(David S. Mavrov) #19

I had troubles with the menu window too, that’s why I started the topic to see if there is an easy manual way.


The component give values per vertex, in grasshopper you can change colors to your mesh according to values as you like.

I will add this additional stuff into the component inputs, but you can also do it yourself as all information is already here in the component output: mesh vertex values.

Like this: