RGB gradient in multiples 2D mesh in z and y sequence

Hi everybody,
Since many days im trying to colorise a group of 2d meshes:
I want to reparametrize Z from 0 to 255 and connect to R
In Y i want to connect G but organised by the sequence of the objects
Since those are just 2d meshes i don’t need X so no need B.
Thanks a lots guys!

hey @merlin.nicolo,
can you upload your grasshopper definition?
This way we can help exactly at the part where you had propblems,
also we don’t have to rebuilt from a screenshot.

thanks for reply me Lando
here the patch and the rhino


0to 255.gh (15.1 KB)
0 to 255 a.3dm (62.2 KB)

It is not very difficult to colorize a mesh. But it wasn’t a mesh so I used Brep to Mesh and mesh settings to augment the number of vertices.

The deconstruct the mesh, then deconstruct the vertices to XYZ and apply what you want as function to transform X or Y or Z to a color.
0to 255.gh (23.4 KB)

Thanks for reply me Lando.
I understand your patch, the problem is: im trying to increasing the gradient on vector Y following the ID of my surfaces.
As you can see in my first jpg there is a surface sequence, i would like to follow it.
Do you understand what i mean?:wink:
Anyway thanks a lots