How to capture mean curvature in Grasshopper?

I want to capture the minimum curvature of something in grasshopper, does anyone know how?

Thank you.

Minimum curvature something ?
Like, the most straight part of a curve?

Apologies, I was meant to write the mean curvature, not minimum, the mean curvature of a mesh

Ok, if so, if you can, try to correct this post title and your posts message (just to let search engine works better…).
“Minimum curvature of something” and “mean curvature of a mesh” are quite different… :sweat_smile:

Unluckily for you, a mesh is one of those geometries that have no curvature (no min, no mean, no max).
You can build up some logic to “interpret” a mesh shape as curvature, but you’ll encounter many exceptions and odd cases.

May I ask why you need this?

White is minimum, blue is maximum curvature on this curve. (6.8 KB)

Showing the curvature vectors with a ‘Magnify’ slider: (8.4 KB)

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Thank you Joseph

Thank you Riccardo, I am unable to delete the thread, I have flagged it for admins to review, hope they can sort it.

Also I need it for my Kangaroo simulation, I am simulating a flat state shape forming a dome like shape using constraints.

Thank you for the help.

The NGon plugin contains a Mesh Curvature component.