Mesh boolean split fail


There was many topics like this one, but maybe someone will give me a hint how to resolve my issue.
I am not able to split mesh (Boolean split), can you please tell me how to track (visualize) what is the problem here? Possibly 2 pairs of overlapping faces, however I’m unable to find where they are.

split_fail.3dm (283.6 KB)

It’s not a real solution but it works if you move the plane .001 down…

TestMSX helps finding intesecting faces but it is missing something in your model.

It worked just fine here. Use _meshsplit.split_fail.3dm (286.3 KB)

The thing is, that I don’t do the split manually, my plugin does that, or maybe, should do, so I don;t have any influence in which place the split will be done. There are many conditions for the mesh, that determines split place.

ChrisK, I need closed volume, so I used meshBooleanSplit, not meshSplit. Unfortunately bool operations are case sensitive.

TestMSX showed 138000 intersecting face pairs??? Strange