_MergeAllCoplanarFaces bug

hello, does someone can find how i can’t _MergeAllCoplanarFaces on this polysurface…???
_MergeAllCoplanarFaces.3dm (71.5 KB)

I added a planar surface under , but i cannot merge it… do you know why?

not sure what happened, it could be that it is very very slightly unplanar. projecting it to cplane fixed the issue. just make a point on one edge project it then merge and move it back to the point. but i should point out that this may cause issues, if you have the rest of the object with the same problem you might not be able to join it. in that case you would have to trim the rest which you omitted once more at that edge.

Yeah, this is typical - If you duplicate the border and delete the polysurface, then use PlanarSrf to make a new surface from the border it works. Or if you use SetPt in X to ‘flatten’ the polysurface in X…

According to a check script I have, it’s out of planar by about 0.0002mm. Less than file tolerance.

that one did not work

Sure it does.

well on my mac Rhino it did not, ok to be fair i used solid points, exploding it and using edit points actually worked.

Hi -

As the others note, you can easily get this to work - I just moved the polysurface to the origin and then MergeAllCoplanarFaces works as expected.
Do you have a way to reliably produce a surface that behaves like this? It might be better to try to fix things upstream instead of repairing things after the fact…

I don’t know what i do wrong to make this surface, because i made 33 surfaces like this one, and just this one make problem like this, so i search to know what is the problem… for you it’s:


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OK. I’ve put this on the list as RH-63418: MergeAllCoplanarFaces: Failure case