BUG: MergeAllCoplanarFaces


_ MergeAllCoplanarFaces produces weird result from merge.3dm (262.4 KB).

This looks like a bug in Rhino8.
MergeAllFaces looks like it works fine in Rhino6.

Seems like Rhino8 doesn’t like the cylinders If you extract all the full round cylinders and then merge the coplanar faces - it appears to work.
You can then join back the cylinders to get it back to a solid.

I belive so.

Hello- thanks - this seems to work correctly here in our latest.


Perfect, thank you. Will wait for upcoming releases. I am using Version 8 (8.8.24158.03002, 2024-06-06) on Mac.

Also tested the command in Version 9 WIP (9.0.24157.12006, 2024-06-05) as seen below.