MergeAllCoplanarFaces bug?

Could you check it out?
I tried to use the command in question but it doesn’t seem to work (the middle surface disappears like magic). Thanks. :roll_eyes:
mergeallcoplanar faces.3dm (82.9 KB)

Hello - I’m sure you can always find a case that is clearly not what the tool is for, and make it fail, yes.


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the command merges coplanar surfaces, surfaces that shares a plane, not surfaces overlaping each other, that’s a different thing.

explode, flip the middle surface, boolen union, merge

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i wonder what makes you say that, neither is that a very helpful comment nor do i even believe this is true. in my opinion this is exactly what this command should be doing. maybe it is a special case but that does not justify abusing people. some recent attitude here…

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In my opinion this example highlights a certain limitation of command. Who decides whether a problem needs to be solved or not?
Many times you don’t even pay attention to what is highlighted …
It is not a healthy attitude for Rhino growth and development !!!

Many of my topics are not even read.
I don’t think it’s good publicity …
I also collaborate for some magazines that deal with architecture, rendering and cad …
You always have to answer, even if you can say nonsense!